October 2th, 23h30

Trineice Robinson . Voice
Don Braden . Tenor Saxophone
Miki Hayama . Piano
Kenny Davis . Double Bass
Vince Ector . Drums


Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin has dedicated her career to performing and developing resources for teaching jazz, gospel/christian, R&B, rock, country, and pop singing styles in an applied/private voice lesson setting.

Robinson’s passion for music began in Oakland, California, where she was born 40 years ago descended from generations of clergy. Although she started singing in church, she resisted following these steps, and instead began studying at engineering school. However, the urge to sing was not long suppressed, and she eventually earned her master’s degree in jazz studies at Indiana University-Bloomington, where she studied with Dr. David Baker, and did her master’s degree and doctorate in music education at Teachers College Columbia University. She is Bachelor of Arts in Improvised Music Studies by San Jose State University and is a Level III Certified Instructor in Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method.

Dr. Trineice maintains a faculty positions at Princeton University as the jazz voice instructor, lecturer, and director of the Jazz Vocal Collective Ensemble. She serves on the National Faculty in the academic division of Gospel Music Workshop of America, serves as the Executive Director of the African American Jazz Caucus, Inc., serves as a Board of Director for the Jazz Education Network, serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Singing, and is a member of the distinguished American Academy of Teachers of Singing.

Based on her graduate research, Dr. Trineice created Soul Ingredients®, a teaching methodology for developing a singer’s musical style/interpretation in African-American folk based music styles (i.e. jazz, gospel, R&B, blues, etc). This methodology shows students how to take their personal experiences, musical influences and models, and execute the different components in a manner that is personal to the singer/performer’s own personal expression.

This year she released her first album “All or Nothing” with Don Braden quartet.

Don Braden was born November 20, 1963 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began playing tenor sax at age 13 and started playing professionally at 15. In high school, he played in the McDonald’s All-American High School Jazz Band. He attended Harvard University from 1981 to 1984, studied engineering, and played in the school’s jazz ensemble. He moved to New York City in 1984, where he played with The Harper Brothers, Lonnie Smith, and Betty Carter. In 1986–87 he toured with Wynton Marsalis, and following this played with Out of the Blue, Roy Haynes, Tony Williams, Freddie Hubbard, J.J. Johnson, Tom Harrell, Art Farmer, and the Mingus Big Band.

He has over twenty albums recorded under his name and has participated in many others by various musicians.